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Origins[ edit ] InSteve Vander Arka librarian from Grand Rapids, Michigancreated the Harry Potter Lexiconan online encyclopedia of the Harry Potter book series that collected and reorganized various facts from the novels into a searchable form.

Although Vander Ark had previously claimed he had no interest in doing so, Rapoport assured Vander Ark that internet câștiga rdr a publication would be legal. To further pacify Vander Ark's concerns, he added an addendum to the contract that stated that RDR Books would act to defend him in any future lawsuits.

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February On 31 OctoberWarner Bros. There have been a number of times when I have talked with Jo's people and held back internet câștiga rdr they didn't want published or modified material on the Lexicon to make sure they approve.

I got specific permission from Warner Bros. I have been just as diligent with the rights of fans who have allowed me to use their writing and artwork.

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In each case I have listed the copyright owner and made sure that they were credited and that they retained their copyright. In every case they have made changes to ensure compliance.

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They fall in line. But these guys refused to contact us. They refused to answer any questions. They refused to show us any details.

Rowling's fictional facts derived wholesale from the Harry Potter works without adding any new creativity, commentary, internet câștiga rdr, or criticism. Defendant's attempt to cloak the Infringing Book in the mantle of scholarship is merely a ruse designed to circumvent Plaintiffs' rights in order to make a quick buck.

Cheryl Klein's [the novels' continuity editor] full index Bloomsbury's 'comprehensive bible'" and "The 'further material from Ms. Rowling's creative mind'".

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The entries on the website provide much more detailed and complete information than the entries in the book. We took the information on the site and did a lot of editing, condensing, and in some cases complete rewriting. We avoided direct quotations whenever we could and clearly cited any quotations that we kept in.

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In the case of entries from Rowling's own "encyclopedia"-style books, we intentionally left a lot out and urged readers in the introduction to the book to go buy her books for the complete information While I was working on the Lexicon book, I received assurances from several copyright and intellectual property experts that the book we were creating was legal.

Vander Ark dismissed Rowling's claim to copyright: Part of the problem all along has been the automatic assumption on the part of many that Rowling has the right internet câștiga rdr completely control anything written about the Harry Potter world. That's quite a huge power grab on her part and from everything I can tell, not legal.

You and I are part of a subculture that lives off the creative work of others. We always try to do that in a legal and respectful way. However, if Rowling manages to extend her reach that far into our subculture, she will choke us off very quickly. And investiți internet câștiga rdr tranzacționarea în valută she doesn't, what's to stop the next person from taking this legal precedent to even more dangerous places?

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On 8 FebruaryRDR Books published their official memorandum in response to Warner Bros injunction, saying, in part, "[Rowling] appears to claim a monopoly on the right internet câștiga rdr publish literary reference guides, and other non-academic research, relating to her own fiction.

This is a right no court has ever recognized. It has little to recommend it. If accepted, it would dramatically extend the reach of copyright protection, and eliminate an entire genre of literary supplements. Its entries use the series' fictional facts, long plot summaries and paraphrased character descriptions, all of which is actionable," [15] and that, "RDR's argument that the book is "transformative" is wrong because The Harry Potter books are full of moral choices and ethical dilemmas, and, ironically, Mr.

Vander Ark's actions tend to demonstrate that he is woefully unfit internet câștiga rdr represent himself as either a "fan of" or "expert on" books whose spirit he seems entirely to have missed.

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In sometimes emotional testimony, Rowling recalled beginning the Potter books when she was an impoverished year-old single mother, nearly coming to tears when saying, "These characters continue to mean so much to me over a long period of time. The closest you could come is to say, 'How do you feel about your children? This has been an important part of my life for the last nine years or so," he said. Patterson, Jr.

The fair use people are on one side, and a large company is on the other side. The parties ought to see if there's not a way to work this out, because there are strong issues in this case and it could come out one way or the other.

The fair use doctrine internet câștiga rdr not clear. Rowling claimed that "This case is about an author's right to protect their creation. If this acasă muncă cremona is allowed to be published the floodgates will open. internet câștiga rdr

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Are we, or are we not, the owners of our own work? It's not just my work that is endangered. Internet câștiga rdr was agreed that, should it be published, neither her name nor her previous endorsement of the website would be used to promote it. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia as precedents to the Lexicon's book. Jeri Johnson, senior tutor in English at Exeter College, Oxfordspoke as an expert witness in literature for the plaintiffs, decrying Vander Ark's work as unscholarly, and claiming that there was enough material in Rowling's world for serious academic analysis.

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RDR's lawyers agreed, but said that such guides can provide other benefits for the reader than analysis. Vander Ark from doing his own guide, never ever. Do your book, but, please, change it so it does not take as much of my work. The only thing they said was: 'Will you stop the book? The content of the companion books takes on the informational purpose internet câștiga rdr the schoolbooks they represent in the novels.

As Vander Ark testified, the companion books are 'essentially encyclopedias already'. I went to court to uphold the right of authors everywhere to protect their own original work.

The court has upheld that right. The proposed book took an enormous amount of my work and added virtually no original commentary of its own. Many books have been published which offer original insights into the world of Harry Potter. The Lexicon just is not one of them.

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As for the Lexicon, we are obviously disappointed with the result, and RDR Books is considering all of its options, including an appeal. Needless to say, we're very happy the Court vindicated these important principles The Court held the Lexicon infringed Ms. Rowling's copyright, was not protected by fair use, and permanently enjoined the publication of it.

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Careful and thoughtful as the decision is, we think it's wrong. So stay tuned to see where we go internet câștiga rdr here. It was a question of law over a difference of opinion and, in a way, I'm glad that it's finally over. It is something much easier to define, and a danger to all writers.

It is - let's not mince internet câștiga rdr words - the theft of someone's writing, someone's own words stolen in exactly the form in which their brain produced them. And it's a theft to which all writers are vulnerable.

Jo Rowling didn't have to do this. I should think that her time in New York was horrible, exacerbated by a lack of support caused, no doubt, by deeply unattractive internet câștiga rdr over her wealth.

Well, I applaud her, and I bet I'm not alone. I am thrilled for her, and very grateful to her, for taking the stand she did - and winning. The book was released on January 16, The case leaves the way open for future conflict over derivative workscharacter merchandising and fan fiction based upon the Harry Potter series.

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First, the court concluded that reference guides such as the Lexicon are transformative in character and in order to fulfill their purpose they must be able to "make considerable use of the original works Second, reference works don't lose their transformative nature just because they lack analysis or commentary.

The court internet câștiga rdr Rowling's argument that the Lexicon is not transformative because it fails to add these elements Third, copyright holders cannot exert exclusive control over the market for reference works.

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According to Judge Patterson, even a copyright holder as eager as Rowling is to control through licensing all related markets must face limits.