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Main article: Prehistory of the Philippines Docking station and entrance to the Tabon Cave Complex Site in Palawanwhere one of the oldest human remains was located.

Discovery in of stone tools and fossils of butchered animal remains in Rizal, Kalinga has pushed back evidence of early hominins in the country to as early asyears.

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This includes civilizations like the Liangzhu cultureHemudu cultureand the Majiabang culture. Aside from language and genetics, they also share common cultural markers like multihull and outrigger boatstattooingrice cultivationwetland agricultureteeth blackeningjade carving, betel nut chewingancestor worshipand the same domesticated plants and animals including dogs, pigs, chickens, yams, bananas, sugarcane, platforma de investiții kirams coconuts.

Landa Jocano 's theorizes that the ancestors of the Filipinos evolved locally. From there, they rapidly spread downwards to the rest of the islands of the Philippines and Southeast Asiaas well as voyaging further east to reach the Northern Mariana Islands by around BC. Jade artifacts made from white and green nephrite and dating as far back as — BC, have been discovered at a number of archeological excavations in the Philippines since the s.

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The artifacts have been both tools platforma de investiții kirams adzes [43] and chiselsand ornaments such as lingling-o earrings, bracelets and beads. These artifacts are said to be evidence of long range communication between prehistoric Southeast Asian societies. The oldest jade artefacts in Asia BC were found in China where they were used as the primary hardstone of Chinese sculpturing.

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During this period, the knowledge of jade craftsmanship spread across the sea to Taiwan platforma de investiții kirams eventually to the Philippines. The artefacts discovered in several sites in the Philippines were made from nephrite. Nephrite excavated in the Philippines were of two types: white nephrite and green nephrite.

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The Sa Huỳnh culture centered on present-day Vietnam, showed evidence of an extensive trade network. Sa Huỳnh beads were made from glass, carnelianagateolivinezircongold and garnet ; most of these materials were not local to the region, and were most likely imported.

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Han dynasty -style bronze mirrors were also found in Sa Huỳnh sites. The Maitum anthropomorphic pottery in the Sarangani Province of southern Mindanao is c. Sa Huỳnh culture is characterized by use of cylindrical or egg-shaped burial jars associated with hat-shaped lids.

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Using its mortuary practice as a new definition, Sa Huỳnh culture should be geographically restricted across Central Vietnam between Hue City in the north and Nha Trang City in the south. Recent archeological research reveals that the potteries in Kalanay Cave are quite different from those of the Sa Huỳnh but strikingly similar to those in Hoa Diem site, Central Vietnam and Samui Island, Thailand.

New estimate dates the artifacts in Kalanay cave to come much later than Sa Huỳnh culture at AD. Bio-anthropological analysis of human fossils found also confirmed the colonization of Vietnam by Austronesian people from insular Southeast Asia in, e.

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